A Progressive Path Forward?

Workers, students, pupils, educationalists, management, Entrepreneur’s, housewives, house-husbands, uninformed across this worlds six continents for over 1700 years because imperial powers used faith over knowledge to exert their authority and accrue vast wealth.

Yet now the greed of Empire and it’s use of blind faith has brought the world to the brink of humanity’s destruction.

We, the people, downtrodden, manipulated exploited and sacrificed, must begin to take control of whatever the future may bring, for ourselves.

Education. The facts behind the stories of religious belief must be learnt and taught before the fallacies of religious faith and those who are served by the faithful allow our ignorance to protect their profits, power and past.

We must examine factually the past, apply the truth about the past to our present and prepare generations to face a future for all humanity.

Within schools, colleges, universities, workplaces, representative organisations – wherever your voice can be heard: Cry Freedom. Freedom from ignorance; freedom from manipulation; freedom from exploitation; the freedom to see what collectively we can be and not to be told what we are.

At student general meetings, trade union branch meetings, public meetings anywhere, everywhere: you have a voice let it be heard.

From whichever local assembly you gather, join with colleagues and call upon your leaders to collaborate with other representative organisations in conducting research before presenting the factual findings about with whom, where and how this belief originated and it’s development into the three (great) Monotheistic faiths of today: Judaism, Christianity, Islam.

The findings to be compiled in a report from and presented by our representative organisations to governments, international representative authorities and the people as the facts about religious belief. We must have faith in the facts Believing should be something tangible, truthful not merely the repeated mantra of beliefs built upon human self-interest.

We have a right to be educated, to learn, to know to decide for ourselves: not to be brainwashed into believing stories we are told which serve the interests only of those telling the stories.

The truth will set us free, but we must seek it; learn it; know it and use it. The first stage must be to ask questions.

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