Saint George

Saint George, patron saint of England, is also patron saint of a few other places: Georgia; Malta; Gozo; Portugal and Romania. One of the most venerated Saints in the Catholic Church, ‘Georgios’ died on 23 April 303, the day named in his honour. He was born between 275-281 AD, almost certainly born in Lydda, Palestine; or Cappadocia, Turkey; or Silene, a fictional town in Libya…or fictional Beirut. Read more…


A Call to Students

Student pioneers on these islands, throughout Europe’s continent and beyond now asserting a future forged in facts, not faith, before faith proves fatal for life as we know it, knew it and imagine it can be.

Students, unafraid to stand with other interested parties – Academic, representatives of labour, political, sporting, cultural, even the religious. Read more…

A Polytheist Christian on the Magical Multiverse

Andrew Luke is a Polytheist Christian from Belfast and, in this Editor’s opinion, not someone who matches the stereotypical ‘born again’ fundamentalist believer in a Christ Messiah

Who is the great magician that makes the grass green?
Andy Luke

Grant Morrison, defines magic as ‘an absolute certainty in perceptual shift’, of reality becoming dream-like. Freud saw it as the power of wishes plus the motor impulse. Crowley defines magical operation is, ‘any event in nature brought to pass by will’. “The Art”, as it was known, is a literal definition for Alan Moore. Interchangeable with magic, he sees a science of language where to cast a spell simply means, to spell, where a book of spells, a grimoire, is grammar. Read more…

Monotheism and the three Abrahamic faiths: Judaism, Christianity, Islam – A new perspective?

Dan Brown, in his film The Da Vinci Code used the Gnostic Christian religions teachings that Jesus of Nazareth was married to Mary Magdalene.

A belief viewed as heresy by the universal Roman religion and the Reformed churches which emerged after the 17th century Reformation. Read more…