Humanity’s destruction globally looks inevitable, possibly imminent, using old and new instruments of death in the name of power, religion, God.

Eras of Exodus, Crusade and now Jihad waged in his name, be that Yahweh, The Father or Allah by Jews, Christians and Muslims his chosen peoples instructed through the Torah, Bible and Qu’ran.  

The three ‘great’ Monotheist – or Abrahamic as all three claim that their – the one – God appointed Abraham to head his, their church faiths believing in the same God and religion(s) founded originally by Abraham, supposedly. Literally worshipped by billions of people: the faithful.

The promised land, Christendom, a Caliphate, territories and people governed, guided, by God or rather his servants in the service of religions He created using commandments, prophets and/or his ‘son’ the prophesied Christ Messiah . With no end in sight and the prospect of new prophets, a Messiah, even a returned Messiah, might the only end in sight be ‘the end’ itself?

Humanity, like the dinosaurs, extinct until the next process of creation, evolution, or even evolving creation.

How many times before has life existed on this planet, other planets, in this galaxy, other galaxies the unknown universe within our definition of time, and has humanity survived this long before or even longer?

Since before our ancestors discovered the world was not flat and many of the stars are actually other planets, exploration has preceded conflict, conquest, subjugation, exploitation and Empire. Villages, regions, countries and continents.

History teaches humanity it was ever so before, and ever so since civilisation recorded time from the supposed birth of the Nazarene, called Jesus: proclaimed The Christ Messiah at the Roman constituted Council of Nicaea, after first revealing himself as the Christ Messiah during a dream by the Roman Emperor Constantine less than 100 years earlier.

We record that year of birth as being the same year as the dawn of the current Age of Pisces and that is the beginning of our recorded time: Anno Domini AD with the eras before the ‘accepted date of Jesus’ birth recorded as BC, ‘Before Christ.’

Religion, the means by which true believers will, supposedly, receive eternal life following their mortal death, will surely be the death of us all.

Children are taught to believe as the adults believe, that in the book of Genesis this God was so disapproving of his creations that he chose, apart from one family – Noah’s – and two of every animal species, to provide purification by drowning everyone and everything. A moral justification for mass slaughter or maybe the first template for moral justification?

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