Humanity’s destruction globally looks inevitable, possibly imminent, using old and new instruments of death in the name of power, religion, God.

Eras of Exodus, Crusade and now Jihad waged in his name, be that Yahweh, The Father or Allah by Jews, Christians and Muslims his chosen peoples instructed through the Torah, Bible and Qu’ran.   Read more…


The Calendar

Rome’s authority worldwide in the 11th century until the present day and beyond, is underlined through the calendar we use to record time and history.

Pope Gregory determined the year of Jesus’ birth and so our record of the passing years, decades, centuries, millennia begins there. The Gregorian calendar. Read more…

Cross Time?

Pope Gregory was a man who abandoned his privileged lifestyle and military standing to pursue a contemplative and reflective lifestyle in the service of Rome’s church He would become Bishop of Rome, reluctantly, in using his military, political and economic wisdom to save the city of Rome and facilitate the future reuniting of Rome’s feuding Western Empire and languishing Eastern Empire. Read more…

A Polytheist Christian on the Magical Multiverse

Andrew Luke is a Polytheist Christian from Belfast and, in this Editor’s opinion, not someone who matches the stereotypical ‘born again’ fundamentalist believer in a Christ Messiah

Who is the great magician that makes the grass green?
Andy Luke

Grant Morrison, defines magic as ‘an absolute certainty in perceptual shift’, of reality becoming dream-like. Freud saw it as the power of wishes plus the motor impulse. Crowley defines magical operation is, ‘any event in nature brought to pass by will’. “The Art”, as it was known, is a literal definition for Alan Moore. Interchangeable with magic, he sees a science of language where to cast a spell simply means, to spell, where a book of spells, a grimoire, is grammar. Read more…

A Progressive Path Forward?

Workers, students, pupils, educationalists, management, Entrepreneur’s, housewives, house-husbands, uninformed across this worlds six continents for over 1700 years because imperial powers used faith over knowledge to exert their authority and accrue vast wealth.

Yet now the greed of Empire and it’s use of blind faith has brought the world to the brink of humanity’s destruction. Read more…