The Calendar

Rome’s authority worldwide in the 11th century until the present day and beyond, is underlined through the calendar we use to record time and history.

Pope Gregory determined the year of Jesus’ birth and so our record of the passing years, decades, centuries, millennia begins there. The Gregorian calendar.

Through the use of the Gregorian calendar Rome has dictated the recording of times past and placed the religious foundations upon which their universal Roman identity has been built, at the very core of the world’s history.

Under the Gregorian calendar ‘civilised’ life is deemed to have begun on the date of Jesus’ birth, with the years counted from the date of his death: Anno Domini (AD). Prior to that, time is recorded as BC (Before Christ) And the 30+ years of his life are recorded simply as CE.

But dare we ponder: how much reliability can be placed on these dates, let alone the stories that unfolded from the date established as being the birth of Jesus: December 25th, at present, 2048 years ago?

The existence of Christ-like figures – some pre-dating the Gregorian calendars recorded dates for the birth, life and death of Jesus are well-known, proven and undisputed. Might some of these not have been the real source of stories used to proclaim Jesus of Nazareth as the prophesied Christ Messiah?

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