A Call to Students

Student pioneers on these islands, throughout Europe’s continent and beyond now asserting a future forged in facts, not faith, before faith proves fatal for life as we know it, knew it and imagine it can be.

Students, unafraid to stand with other interested parties – Academic, representatives of labour, political, sporting, cultural, even the religious. Every dimension of humanity, for the sake of humanity and life as we know it. Putting the spotlight on and examining the facts about, the religious beliefs that have been so prevalent within society for millennia and those faiths that may be viewed as more recent on these shores and within our continent as well as beyond

The three Abrahamic religious faiths: Judaism; Christianity and Islam are set on a confrontational course that makes the decades of ‘cold war’ seem like a minor schoolyard spat. But it is humanity, our very existence and future, at risk because of religious beliefs. The barbarity of belief in one God; the differing means of accessing and fulfilling – allegedly – the commandments of this God. The barbarity of belief waged for millennia during eras of believing in a pantheon of Gods from the single God monotheism that emerged from Ethiopia. Evolving as humanity did when our species first clambered down from the tress and stood erect upon two feet in Africa – originally believed to be in Kenya but more recently being revised as in Ethiopia – where the monotheistic belief in one God originated, possibly with the Falashi tribe, or their predecessors – if they had predecessors.

This is our future, the future of generations to come. The contest between fact and faith, or perhaps to merely reveal the facts about faith. Even faiths.

Religion, from the first appearance of the homo erectus through it’s, and our, evolution to the Homo Sapient: mankind as we know it. Examining, researching, analysing the earliest beliefs in a pantheon of Gods, to the first believers in monotheism; belief in one God – our ‘creator;’ and the historical development of the three main monotheist faiths which all claim their origins lie with Abraham, the man supposedly instructed by the one all-powerful Creator God, to establish a church for the worship of this God.

These followers started with the Hebrews, who became known as the Jews; then supposedly around the beginning of the Age of Pisces a Jew from Nazareth joined the multitude of other would be messiahs ‘baptised’ in the river Jordan and supposedly attracting followers who believed he was the Christ Messiah: prophesied in the Jewish religious book, the Torah, and included in the Testament of the subsequent ‘Christian’ book of religion, we refer to as ( the Old Testament in) the bible

400 years later, approximately, the new Holy Roman Empire declares at a Council in Nicaea that this Jesus of Nazareth was, or is, the prophesied Christ Messiah and the Messianic prophecy from the Torah is included in the ‘Christian’ bible as the book of Micah.

For centuries afterwards the (Holy) Roman Empire encourages the newly created universal Romans within the Roman Empire to crusade through Africa unto the brink of Asia, conquering and occupying the city of Jerusalem, in the name of Christianity.

These Crusades invariably faltered as the Crusaders were distracted by the prospect of conquering in a crusade for the new monotheistic messianic faith called Christianity, promoted by Rome. Instead the Crusades come to nought as the Crusaders are distracted attacking, occupying and attaining wealth, for themselves, from territories en route to Jerusalem.

In the 600’s (7th century) a local man in the North Africa/Asia region claims to have been spoken to by God – who is, supposedly, disappointed by the Hebrew/Jewish failure to properly revere him – This man, Mohammed, dictates a new book to worship God. It will be called the Q’oran and is the foundation for a new faith which is called Islam, the followers of Islam will become known as Muslims and they believe Mohammed was, or is, a prophet of God.

At the time of Mohammed’s death Muslims believe he was seen ascending to heaven as God – Allah – took the man, or prophet born in Mecca (an area within modern Saudi Arabia and a place of popular pilgrimage for Muslims) to the afterlife. In the complexities of these differing religions Jews do not believe Jesus of Nazareth was, or is, the Christ Messiah, but Judaism does hail Jesus as one of God’s prophets. However Judaism does not recognise Mohammed as a prophet. The universal Roman church still blames Judaism and Jews for the death of Jesus: even though this religion believes his death – by crucifixion at the hands of the Roman Empire – was predetermined by God (the father) to cleanse man of his sins.

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