A site to, hopefully, address the faiths we were raised, indoctrinated, with by highlighting some, or many, of the facts behind the history of religious faiths and those who represent the faiths. The Christian faith, especially the role and influence of the Roman Empire on the religion which has dominated much of the world for centuries for over 1600 years will bee most prominent of the three (so-called) ‘Great’ Abrahamic religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam.. Research and learn for yourself, question, theorise, articulate and never fear being the lone voice, thinking and speaking with your own convictions. Not subserviently following the flock. Universal Journey will hopefully forge a forum for people to inform, be informed, inspire and be inspired. The stars weren’t Gods. The earth wasn’t flat.

The Universal Journey site will ideally serve as a platform to produce information concerning a play being written regarding the Roman Emperor Constantine, who set in motion the creation of a universal Roman identity for the peoples within the expanding Roman Empire in the early 4th century. It will also serve as a platform to inform about and discuss the beginning of religious beliefs, especially Christianity and the other two ‘main’ Abrahamic religions, Judaism and Islam. Music, art, poetry and literature will hopefully appear, along with opportunities for anyone visiting the site to engage in discussions between them/ourselves. The site is intended to provide an Agnostic, factual perspective on the existence of a God, Gods, Creator or Creators as beliefs.

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