The Political Prophesies On Ireland

Politicians prophesising in Ulster and throughout Ireland for decades, if not centuries, making speeches predicting doom, death and destruction to mobilise the masses of their constituency have long been a blight on people’s lives.

But rarely have two more unlikely bedfellows from this islands recent political history made such, seemingly, prophetic statements to their respective constituencies as we entered this new dawn of peace in Ulster. 

“If we do not learn from the mistakes of our past, we will be condemned to repeat them,” David Ervine leader of the Progressive Unionist Party and, “All is change and change is everything,” Tomas MacGiolla, leader of Official Sinn Fein, Sinn Fein The Workers Party and finally The Workers Party.

If learned change is to be achieved, worldwide, why should it not begin with this generation, in this century and this age, before the dawn of Aquarius in 300 years time? The factual history of belief in a God and the faiths that promote belief – beginning with Christianity – should be put under the spotlight of investigation. The people with the ability and duty to learn, query, answer or innovate are the product of our past, patrons of our present, forebears of the future.

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