Creating The Universal Roman

Rome had long struggled to cope with the drain on finances as its riches were robbed whilst being transported to Rome. Rome’s Senate could never agree on a means to resolve the problem: provide the conquered with a Roman identity to induce respect, honesty and loyalty. Offering people membership of Rome.

Only those born of or in Rome, with family names could be called Roman.  An associate identity could be conferred so in Britain there existed the Roman Britanni, in Germany the Roman Saxoni and so on. But it was not enough and worse still, it had no significance in Rome where admission was denied.

In one dramatic development Constantine used a religion to make membership of, identity with and reverence to Rome universally applicable. Through this religion and a church Rome would be brought to the people. A universal Roman identity became available and the literal translation of the (Greek) word Catholic is universal.

Constructing this identity, church and faith to Rome’s end had begun and Rome was saved.

Constantine himself, despite being visited personally by Jesus and receiving the confirmation of the messianic prophecy being fulfilled with the acceptance that only one God exists, only converted to Christianity on his deathbed. Though historians claim his delay in baptism was because he desired baptism in the River Jordan where Jesus, along with reputedly innumerable other would be the messiah Christ, was baptised. However others claim he continued to worship Sol, the sun God, until just before his death. Ends

One thought on “Creating The Universal Roman”

  1. Yes Constantine worshipped the Sun God, but was his name not Apollo in Rome’s multi God culture?


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