The Political Prophesies On Ireland

Politicians prophesising in Ulster and throughout Ireland for decades, if not centuries, making speeches predicting doom, death and destruction to mobilise the masses of their constituency have long been a blight on people’s lives.

But rarely have two more unlikely bedfellows from this islands recent political history made such, seemingly, prophetic statements to their respective constituencies as we entered this new dawn of peace in Ulster.  Read more…


Saint Patrick

Patrick is the primary patron saint of, or on, the island of Ireland, along with Saints Brigid and Columba. Patrick is believed to have been brought to Ireland as a captured slave in the early 5th century..

The widely accepted details of Patrick on Ireland state he was captured by pagan raiders from Ireland and forced to labour as a shepherd boy, for six years, on the bleak Slemish mountain in County Antrim, Ulster. Read more…

Flagging Up Christianity

Flags: We seem obsessed with flags in Northern Ireland today even moreso than 50 plus years ago, flying them on homes, businesses. Lampposts, anywhere, everywhere to express, or assert, an areas National identity and the prevalent religious denomination.

Protestants are British, Roman Catholics are Irish and displaying flags lets visitors and residents know and accept which national identity and religious denomination is dominant in an area. Read more…