Saint Andrew

Andrew is said to have been the brother of (saint) Peter and Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland; His white satire cross on a blue background is used as the national flag of Scotland and represented on the British union flag.

Andrew was thought to have been a fisherman in Galilee, who along with his brother Simon, became followers of Jesus, the Nazarene. Read more…


Saint David

David, or Dewi was Bishop of Menavia in the 6th century, born around 520. The date is uncertain, as was the year of his death: some say 589, others 601, most agree he died March 1st, the day in when he is celebrated.

We have to wait until 1090 AD for the definitive biography, Bucchedd Dewi. The account, Life of David, was written by Rhygyfarch, the son of a bishop Read more…